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 Magic and Rank Rules

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PostSubject: Magic and Rank Rules   Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:17 am



Magic is prevalent in the world of Fairy Tail. There are many powerful and wondrous types of magic, but being that this is an RP site we have to strive to keep things fair and balanced. Bear with us as we lay out the Magic Rules. Here are some simple rules to bear in mind when choosing, or creating, or your magic.

There are two types of magic in the world of Fairy Tail:

The first is "Caster Magic." This type of magic is stored in a person's body, and channeled and expelled through said person without the usage of a medium. Think Natsu or Gray, who can use magic without a weapon.

On the contrary, "Holder Magic" is magic which requires the usage of a magical item, or a "medium". This item serves as the basis for a character's magic ability. Without it they must rely on a secondary source of magic (attainable at a higher rank) or physical skills to engage in combat. Characters with holder magic in Fairy Tail include Mystogan (staves), Alzack (guns), and Droy (seeds.)



SPELL NAME: What is the name of your spell? ( This does not require anything special, but you must think about how the spell will be called out. Depending on your magic, you may or may not say the spell name out loud. )
SPELL RANK: What rank is this spell?
ELEMENT: What element does this spell align with? If there is no element, write "n/a" or leave blank. ( Not all spells have an element, but if it does, place that here )
DESCRIPTION: What does the spell look like? ( One of the most important parts of the spell template, this is where you will describe the look, feel, smell, pitch, and even how the spell is performed! Do not get into any technical parts of the spell here, as that will be covered in the next section.)
EFFECTS: What does the spell do? List secondary and primary effects, as well as the amount of damage, range, and the area of effect. ( The second most important part. This is where you will go over all the technical details of your spell. How fast it moves, how big it is, what kind of damage it will do- that sort of thing. Does it shred clothing, leave burns, teleport an opponent through a black hole? Explain it to us in great detail. Also be sure to put the Area of Effect here, that is very important.)
DURATION: How long does this spell last?
S RANK - 5 Posts Typically
A RANK - About 4 - 5 Posts
B RANK - Around 3 - 4 Posts
C RANK - maybe- 3 Posts
D RANK - Like 2 Posts
COOLDOWN: For how many posts do you have to wait before you can activate this spell again? ( cooldown's typically are one post longer than duration)
That is that! Very Simple. Keep in mind, that a mage can only perform what is in their spells! Other information regarding Passive Abilities and such can be found in the magic template.


In the World of Fairy Tail, Mages are split up in power that is determined by 'Rank'. This is a structured system formed around 5 tiers. Rankings are D, C, B, A & S, ordered from weak to strong.

At each rank you are capable of specific feats as as mage, only being able to perform a certain amount of spells, and physical prowess. I will go over those now.

D RANK: A Novice of spell casting. Most of your spells can't do much damage to your opponents, and you don't have much magic power for long fights. Wizards of this rank usually take Requests involving simple tasks.
Starting Spells: 3 D, 2 C
Maximum Amount of Spells: 10 D, 5 C

C RANK: Still considered a Novice, but a little more skilled, your spells are reaching the point where they can make someone remember you the next day. You're able to last a little bit longer in a fight, magic power wise, and are able to take requests involving actual combat. These can range from helping the police catch petty criminals, or even doing some investigation.
Starting Spells: 4 D, 3 C, 2 B
Maximum Amount of Spells: 15 D, 10 C, 2 B

B RANK: Considered adept in your magic, you're finally coming into your own. Most of the Wizards you see around Fiore are at this skill set, able to break bones and hold out in a fight. You're now able to take requests that are a little more dangerous- Maybe even go treasure hunting!
Starting Spells: 5 D, 4 C, 3 B
Maximum Amount of Spells: 25 D, 20 C, 10 B, 3 A

A RANK: One step below a master of your trade, these mages often hold the title of 'strongest' in their guild. They can hold out for a decent time in a fight, nearly remove limbs, and possibly even kill someone. You're able to take Requests that may involve taking down criminal organizations, or stopping assassinations.
Starting Spells: 6 D, 5 C, 4 B, 3 A
Maximum Amount of Spells: 25 D, 15 C, 15 B, 10 A, 1 S

S RANK: True masters of their trade. They are famous (or infamous if evil) throughout Fiore. These people are often Wizard Saints or Wizard Lords, Guild Masters, or just wandering bad asses if not in a guild. They are able to take part in legendary quests, and are a beacon of hope for those who align with them.
Starting Spells: 7 D, 6 C, 5 B, 4 A, 2 S
Maximum Amount of Spells: 30 D, 20 C, 20 B, 15 A, 4 S


Note that these listed spell effects are simply guidelines for the extent of a spell's effects given its rank. You do not have to strictly adhere to these rules, but it is asked that you at least consider them when creating magic.

D-RANK: Light Bruises
C-RANK: Deep Bruises
B-RANK: Hairline Fractures
A-RANK: Compound Fractures
S-RANK: Shattered Bones
SS-RANK: Pulverized Bones

D-RANK: 1/2 inch cuts, papercuts
C-RANK: Slightly deeper cuts
B-RANK: Cuts through muscle
A-RANK: Cuts down to bone
S-RANK: Slices through bone
SS-RANK: Slices through limbs

D-RANK: First Degree Burns
C-RANK: Second Degree Burns
B-RANK: Light Third Degree Burns
A-RANK: Third Degree Burns
S-RANK: Fourth Degree Burns
SS-RANK: Incineration

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Magic and Rank Rules
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