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 Basic Rules (To be reformatted later I guess)

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PostSubject: Basic Rules (To be reformatted later I guess)   Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:16 am

Let's get busy, boys and girls. First things first, the fundamentals of all fundamentals: Forum Conduct and Behavior. Simple, right? I'm sure you've been around and generally understand what most sites--Singed Horizons not being exempt--expect and ask of their members. For the most part? Don't be an ass. Let's be real here and admit that it's unavoidable for drama to arise, and the staff and community here would much rather pull out the roots of the drama and bring out a ban-hammer than deal with it and the possible toxicity it'll bring in the future. Of course there will be warnings, we will give chances and perform to the best of our abilities in treating the community fair, but there are limits, and abusing these limits will not be tolerated. To make things concise and state it as matter-of-fact, here's the site’s four Golden Rules.

- Have Fun -
Literally the entire point of RolePlaying on our forum should always be for every individual's enjoyment. So, what happens if a member or staffer of ours isn't having fun here? We'll find out why, and handle the situation as effectively as possible. As people, there are mistakes to be made here and there, so it'd be preferred that the expectations thrust upon us don't hold up an impossible standard. At the same time, we'd ask to have a certain level of faith.

With a trusting community, fun becomes a more prevalent factor in the experiences here on Singed Horizons. One of the ways to maintain an enjoyable and bonded atmosphere? Respect one another. There will be times of hate, conflict, and rowdy words thrown around. As staff we will put a stop to these incidents where we can, but in the end, the ideal goal we strive towards is one of mutual respect.

NOTE: Often times you'll see people trash-talking one another here, but try to stay a while and look around for the others’ reactions. With some context, hopefully you can differentiate between actual conflict, and the often times our members and staff joke with one another with harsh words and dry humour. It may take a little while to get used to, but it just goes to show how close and trusting the community is. On that note, our sense of humour can be extremely offensive, to the extent of triggering the vast expanse of tumblr users around.

- Common Sense -
As the saying goes, "common sense is not that common". On our site? It’s an absolute must--everyone should have and display some level of it. To make things simple, we don't expect everyone to always be in-tune to the "Singed Horizons Meta", but be open to learning it, integrate yourself into our community, and understand our version of "common sense". It's easier for the members and staff, and certainly there will be those special cases that exceed the norm, but that would only be limited to those who already understand the SH meta.

- Fair-Play -

The thing all of us hold in such high esteem and constantly strive for, but so pessimistically assume can't be found outside of the perfect site. To be honest, there's no expectation that all things here are performed in utmost fairness. As it was said, we're people here, and we make mistakes. What's more important is to recognise your mistakes and be willing to correct these mistakes, a trait looked kindly upon OOC and IC.

- Activity -
What makes any site go round is their levels of activity. That being said, it can't help but be demanded that the members and staff at least make their presence known. To be candid and avoid any future complications, let's just say that you should be making an on-site post (whether IC or OOC) once every two weeks, whether it's in an actual rp  thread, or to tell the community why you'll not be so active for the foreseeable future. Perhaps even a temporary leave, to let us know that you're here and still willing to be here, just not presently. Don't worry at all about these stipulations if you don't have any character or magic apps out. We understand that you're still getting on your feet, and it would be ridiculous not to exempt you.

Profile Guide

- Avatar -

For the sake of uniformity and aesthetic pleasure, please do adhere to these rules, or you're quite likely to have your avatar removed. This bit is fairly simple and straightforward:

- the "Small Icon - in your "profile info" page when editing your profile, should be a square image. It can be of any size, 200x200, 5120x5120 (though please don't take it too far); so long as it is a square, the image will automatically be resized to 100x100 to fit the small-icon standards. The image should not be anything but square in dimensions; even 101x100 or 100x99 is not acceptable.
- As for the avatar itself, it should be 200x300; this image is not guaranteed to resize, however. That being said, you should at the very least run it through a cropping or resizing website to reformat the image into 200x300 pixels, and if it does not fit this standard, the staff will be at liberty to remove this avatar as well.

- Signature -
Same with the signatures, please keep the number of images and their sizes to a minimum:
- any image in the signature should not exceed 650 pixels in width, and should all be kept under 250 pixels in height.
- There should be no more than 3 vertically stacked images in your signature. Specific exceptions may apply.
- The total height of your signature should not exceed 400 pixels; any more is considered excessive, and the entirety of your signature will accordingly be removed. Some staff may be particularly courteous and send the contents of your signature back to you; other staff members may not.
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Basic Rules (To be reformatted later I guess)
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